Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013 - Clearing up some of the rumors about my Twitter suspension and other issues

    Hello everyone!  Haven't blogged for a few months, but I have a few things to get off my chest.

    I was in the middle of answering some messages on Twitter on July 26th when my account was suddenly suspended.  Never had any warnings and the suspension came out of the blue.  I wasn't given a reason or told when my account would be back up.  Since then, I've written Twitter and I'm still waiting for a response on to what the issue is or when my account would be back up.  IF I did something wrong, I feel an e-mail notifying me would have been appropriate and I would have made an effort to correct the issue.

    Since my suspension I've seen a leech (don't be fooled by the panda avatar or the nice guy persona) attack my character and spread lies.  First, a little backstory as things aren't always as they seem.  This person had 83 followers before I started retweeting and recommending his account at the time.  As a result, he picked up hundreds of  "followers."  This user presented himself as a friend, posted movie tickets and I was happy to help.  However, once he got those hundreds of Twitter users to add his account, I found out he wasn't a friend at all.  A few mutual friends had told me some troubling things about him, how he would badmouth me and my account and he had also started to act differently.  Since then, he has also posted some things I certainly wouldn't want to be associated with, so I blocked his account and many of his friends a few months ago.

    You'd think someone would be a little more respectful and grateful after what I did for him, but he has taken to attacking me and my character on his account.  He claims I was doing "illegal" and "bad" things on Twitter, even going so far as tweeting to some who weren't even addressing or following him.  Twitter has some silly rules in my view (you can't block too many people for instance), but I can assure you I never did anything illegal.  I stopped talking to and promoting this account months ago and I intend on keeping it that way.  He already has a big ego and didn't want to give him what he wants (attention), but when you spread vicious lies I have to respond.  Live and learn.

    Also, saw someone on Twitter claiming to be me with a new account on Twitter.  HollywoodHelper is the only account I have on Twitter and I won't be creating a new one.  Some also thought I blocked them.  When my account was suspended on Friday, Twitter automatically removed all the people I was following and all the people who had added me.  If/when my account is reinstated all of you will be added back.

    Until I return, I'd like to recommend a few accounts other for free movie screening and premiere passes. (@GetScreeningCA on Twitter), and (@CAScreenings on Twitter) are all great resources for local and national screenings.  90% of the screenings (probably more than my estimate) originate from these accounts.  Set up for their e-mail notification and you'll always be the first to know.  Their accounts also focus on posting great information, so you won't have to worry about being offended by inappropriate content, pictures of pandas, commentary on world events, "comedy," their sex lives, etc.  If you sign up for movie screenings it feels like bait and switch when you get the other garbage.

    I prefer keeping things fun and positive and avoiding the drama.  This time I got sucked in by the negativity.  Sorry.  Won't be addressing this person anymore.  Hope you're all doing well and I'll be able to talk to you soon!  

Update:  My account is back up and running on Twitter today!  Good to be back!     

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