Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 31, 2013 - Update on the blog and my Twitter account

I wanted to update you all on this blog and my Twitter account.  I really love posting local events, helping many of you get tickets to events and I've really come to love and care about many of you.  Your sweet messages always uplift me.

Doing the blog allows me to take my mind off some of the more difficult issues I'm dealing with and have an escape.  I've been unemployed a few years now, it's not easy finding work to begin with, let alone being out of work for a few years.  I've started to feel helpless and hopeless.  I've ran through most of my savings (no government help) and now I find myself in a very difficult situation.  There's other issues as well, some foreseen and some unforeseen.

I don't like being a downer, so I don't take joy in having to post this message.  Unfortunately, the blog and my Twitter account are both going to have to take a hiatus.  My hope is I'll be able to get the blog back up and running in a month or two.  I still have some messages that will launch reminding people of some events like Shark Lagoon Nights on Saturdays, but I probably won't be posting many (if any) new events.

Normally, I wouldn't want to post a message like this, but I didn't want to just leave without saying anything.  Many who I've come to know have really lifted my spirits with their messages and support.  Thank you all!  Hope to be back soon.

Blessings to you all,


  1. Best of luck. Chin UP... Speak of what will be, not of what is now... Evoke confidence always. You will succeed!

  2. Casey, please update us and let us know that you are well. Some of us care for you and we want to make sure that your spirits are not down. DM me, April and/or Celeste. I'm praying for you. I haven't done so in a long time but I will definitely pray for you. Please hang in there. People care about you. One of my e-mails is I will check it regularly. Take care.


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